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Welcome to West Coast Roans, LLC
We want to be your source of world-caliber Foundation Quarter Horses.

West Coast Roans is proud of their 35 years of breeding, riding, and showing Foundation Quarter Horses. Growing up with my Grandpa, he put me on my first horse and the rest is history. Riding in Gymkhanas, and riding horses through the California Redwoods as a child, my undying love of horses followed me and pointed me to become a preservation breeder for the American Quarter Horse with emphasis on the Joe Hancock Lineage. Broodmares live in a very natural manner on irrigated pastures and with alfalfa and grain (as needed) and are allowed to foal out in pasture. We feel that pasture foals are given a real solid foundation, they are sure footed, solid minds, build solid muscle naturally and know fence lines at a very young age. We also feel very strongly that our stallions speak for themselves. With desirable conformation, athleticism, color, gentleness, all day using ability and great minds. We also  believe that my breeding program speaks for itself. 

We have been able to produce "the whole package" and color to boot.  We currently ship semen to all 50 States and Internationally as well.  Live cover at the ranch is available with specific Stallions (please inquire).  Through the many years of breeding, we have culled out any imperfections and only produce high quality, sound minds, easy to start gentle colts. When you purchase a colt from me it will be a working horse for a lifetime. My clients are repeat clients and come back year after year because of the quality of colts they receive.

Presenting line bred and Hybrid Vigor Hancock Performance Horses
Linebreeding simply means a greater number of like individuals are in the pedigree, this is done to increase the prepotency of the get. You will see names several times in a pedigree like Joe Hancock, Blue Valentine, Red Man, Salty Roan and many others. It is our hope to preserve some of these superior genes and pass them on to you so that you can experience a horse that will give you all day work. Our goal in linebreeding is quite simple: Produce the best potential performace horses. Our mares exhibit an excellent mothering abilitiy which is a trait carried by above average Hybrid Vigor Mares.  A horse pretty enough that you can show in the morning and work cattle or run barrels in the afternoon.  This has always been my goal.  If there is anything special you are looking for, chances are we will have it. Just ask.
Cutting, Reining and Roping Prospects Available.
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